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Design & Maintenance

Points you should consider when looking for a webmaster:

  1. Webmasters should listen to YOU

  2. Webmasters should design a site that YOU will be proud of

  3. Webmasters should design a site that will promote YOUR business

  4. Webmasters are not the owner of the web site,

  5. Your web site should represent YOU and YOUR business, not the webmaster or their business

If you are not happy with your current web site,
contact us and let's visit!

Need a web site? Let's create something
that you will be proud of.



State-of-the-Art Technology:

Web Hosting is powered by cutting-edge technologies -- providing you with consistent, ultra-fast website speeds.

Dual Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processors
Kingston DDR2-667 ECC FB RAM
3Ware 9650SE Raid-6 Controller
Seagate Barracuda ES Hard Drives


Contact Us:
Rhonda: Ph: 469-355-0059 or rwylie@candw-webmasters.com 
Paula Sue: pswope@candw-webmasters.com